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Welcome to The Kosher Hub – we are originally from New Zealand and Israel and came to Sydney in 2012 after the Christchurch earthquake made being Jewish in New Zealand pretty difficult.

We came to Sydney and immediately were welcomed into the warm Jewish community of the North Shore but after a while we realized how hard it is to buy lovely Kosher food for Shabbat, Jewish Chagim, Birthdays and just in general.

The kosher selection at Woolworths and the big supermarkets on the North Shore is very expensive, mainly from overseas and it was hard to know what heschter is reliable and pretty average.

We also realized that most Jewish in Australia don’t keep kosher but are proud to be Jewish

So we decided to solve the confusion by making it accessible, enjoyable and injecting a bit more Australianism into the Kosher food group and here we are!

We value any feedback you may have so we can grow into a one stop shop for all things Kosher

Free free to email us at sales@thekosherhub.com.au

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