Kosher Birthday Parties are now easy!

Kosher Birthday Parties

We know that having a birthday party is a very exciting time for children and most children want all their friends to come with lots of presents, eat lots of sweet food and have the best day of the year. A day when they are treated like a prince or a princess and are showered with love!

So when it comes to throwing a party there are those that ‘keep kosher’ and those that don’t and this can be tricky for those that don’t.

However making sure no one is left out is a very important lesson to teach children as they navigate little relationships so The Kosher Hub has designed a Birthday Party Pack to ensure that the spirit of birthdays is kept alive and no-one is left out!

When you buy a birthday party pack from The Kosher Hub you are buying piece of mind. Chose a pack or design your own!

Testimonial – from Jodi

“The food was amazing!! Really made our day. 🙏”


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