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7 Kosher Meal Ideas You’ll Love (Kosher Food Delivery)

Whether you are looking for meal ideas for a cozy dinner at home or a family gathering, we have some delicious meal ideas that you will love. There are several necessities while preparing Kosher food including ingredients, method and utensils. The kosher hub not only carries the required certification of approval for the food and hampers, but we also have a plethora of delicious options that you’ll love. While there are many options within our menu to choose from, we thought we’ll inspire you with our top 7 of our favourites.

  1. Shabbat Combo with Rice and Vegetables

One of our highly preferred and recommended meal options is Shabbat combo which includes rice and vegetables. The combo includes a starter with an option to choose from soup or fish, one of three dips, a main course with your favourite meat and our favourite part which is a dessert. Additionally, challots and latkes making this an extensive and delicious meal, all worth the spend.

  1. Smoked Gourmet Salmon

There are days when you want to get back home from work and get hold of some good food without any hassle. If you are looking for a dinner at home catered to your requirements, one of the fine gourmet meal options in our menu would include baked or smoked gourmet salmon. Not only that it is one of the premium quality kosher dishes, but it is also one of our customers favourite and an absolute delectable option.

  1. Kosher fish balls gefilte cocktails

This appetizing take on a classic gefilte fish is one of the popular and favourite kosher dishes. If you are wondering what gefilte stands for, it’s a Yiddish word for stuffed or filled. Colourful and flavorful seafood is perfect as an evening comfort food.

  1. Chicken and Vegetable Soup

A hearty and healthy chicken and vegetable soup to kick-start your meal is always a great idea. This satisfyingly delicious Kosher soup is loaded with chicken and vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, carrots.

  1. Kosher crumbed chicken

This golden, crispy crumbed chicken rolled in seasoned bread crumbs are loved by kids, leaving them craving for more. Prepared using our traditional recipe, we ensure all kosher food dietary standards are met. Chicken dipped and rolled in a delicious mixture, we’ll ensure your little ones will love it.

  1. Honey, ginger and lime chicken

If we had to describe honey, ginger and lime chicken recipe in three words it would tangy, sweet and aromatic. Every flavour in our recipe is authentic and is a perfect mix deliciously sweet and sour glazed over well-cooked chicken.

  1. Kosher Apple Crumble

Time for some dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings. This British origin dessert is made of softly spiced apples with crunchy, cinnamony topping is one of our favourite comforting desserts.

After your daily hustle and bustle, coming back home and having comfort food is an unbeatable feeling.  Sometimes it’s all about convenience and yet you want someone who understands your food and dietary requirements well enough. Have your meals home delivered anywhere in Sydney with Kosher food delivery from The Kosher Hubs in just a few clicks. Popular food delivery services like UberEats and Menu logs don’t deliver Kosher food at your convenience, with The Kosher Hub, we didn’t want you or our community of Kosher food lovers to miss out. More accessible, more options and more reasons to be lazy yet satisfy your food cravings.  Browse through our menu and you’ll be spoilt for choices.

All orders must be in by 12pm Wednesday and will be delivered on Friday morning. (Shipping $15 to East/$10 to North Shore and Free pick up St Ives) If you would like a meal delivered outside of this time we would need 48 hours notice – email –

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