Mishloach Manot for Purim 2019

 In Purim


What is this wonderful holiday of Purim all about? A few fun facts….

When is Purim day this year?

March 20-22, 2019 or 13-15 Adar 5779

What do we do?

We send a ‘portion’ or Schlach Manos. We send them to family or friends on Purim day and we do so during daylight on Purim

What kind of food do we send?

Kosher Hamantaschen, Kosher Fudge, Kosher Juice either Grape or fruit juice – snack foods, wine, fruit

Some say that there should be 2 foods with 2 different blessings – The Kosher Hub has a greeting card and a blessing over Hamantashen and or fruit

Why do we do it?

 It’s a Mitzvah and is found in the Book of Ester

To make sure that everyone has enough food and to increase love and friendship among Jews and Neighbors

The purpose is to ‘increase peace and friendship’

It is also a time to give to charity

What makes up a wonderful Mishloach Manot pack?

Children over the age of 6 or 7 can send to their friends in preparation for their Bar Mitzvah

We send it via a third person – so that’s where The Kosher Hub can help!


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